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Urban LIFE Ministries, Kansas City, MO


DeAndre PhotoAfter overhearing a conversation at McDonald’s about Urban LIFE, DeAndre’s aunt decided that her two nephews needed to be involved. DeAndre and his brother Cortez started coming and brought several of their friends, many of whom accepted Christ and became the core group of the boys’ discipleship group. During his senior year, DeAndre and a friend initiated pre-game devotions in which they read and discussed Scripture with their football team at Westport High School.

As a college freshman at Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri, DeAndre and Darrell, another young man from Urban LIFE, were excited about the possibility of taking a class that talked about the Bible. Unfortunately, it undermined the inspiration of the Bible. Excited to stand for right and without regard to possible effects on their grades, they collaborated in a twenty-minute presentation of which five minutes were given to recapping the class’s position and fifteen minutes to apologetics regarding the inspiration of the book of Isaiah. Incidentally, theirs was one out of only two groups which received a perfect score on their presentation. God blessed their stand, and encouraged them to continue living for truth.

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