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Michael PhotoAt the age of fourteen, Michael had the opportunity to go to a leadership conference. One of the Biblical principles he learned there was “silence means approval.” The day Michael came home from the conference, he went to the PAL Center for an Urban LIFE activity.
At the end of the evening, Michael could not be found. When he appeared, he looked as though he had been crying. He had been in a small office praying for some younger friends. Earlier he had seen five students giving their tutor a very difficult time. He walked past the room and then remembered the principle he had just learned. So he went back. He asked the teacher for permission to talk to the youth in her class.
He shared a few Bible verses he had learned and challenged them to apologize to the teacher. Within a few minutes, every one of them had. Then he went into the office and began praying for them. According to Michael, he had not cried when his uncle died earlier that year, but now he was crying over the actions of five of his friends.

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